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Human mind is miraculous- the creator of earth’s finest of discoveries, the author of the best of masterpieces, the architect of the mightiest of skyscrapers… studies on mind and its infinite powers are an important component of new-age knowledge and we have come a long way from the physical understanding of things which alone defined our wisdom. Studies show that human mind, especially its subconscious level, has one of immense potentials which one can make use of if he is trained for that.

Every thought in your mind shapes your future continuously. Developing the mind power involves developing and focusing your mental capabilities by training your mind. It is an effort to tap the potentials of the subconscious mind- the level that holds 90% of one’s whole mental capabilities. When you master your subconscious mind, you can direct your thoughts using it as a tool for creating desirable outcomes in every area of your life.

Lifeline brings you a comprehensive training package to tap the potentials of your subconscious mind completely, so that it benefits your financial and personal lives greatly:

1. Mind Mastery Excel: 2-day intensive residential programme

2. Advance Mind Mastery: 12-day programme; 1 class each in 12 months

The 2-day intensive workshop Mind Mastery is your first step stone to understand the miracle called mind and train it in such a way that you make everything in life possible. It is a powerful package which combines the most advanced of scientific learning and the ancient spiritual wisdom. With soul-nourishing spiritual content, the programme aims to eliminate all negativities from your mind to mould you as a successful personality.

Mind is like a farmland. As you sow, so you shall reap. To bring out good results, one should purify the mind and plant the seeds of goodness. Controlling your mind and thoughts and diverting it to the larger good of your life is an important component of mind power training. It also involves reprogramming your mind for success, by eliminating all negativities.

What makes Mind Mastery unique is that apart from the spiritual awakening, it brings about positive changes to one’s material existence. In other words, spiritual well-being and material well-being are complementary and fulfilling each other. The workshop helps you to identify those negative elements within you that constantly pull you down; to learn practical methods to eliminate them and instil positivism instead. The programme will also help you to set goals, design your career, improve your health and create better relationships.

The programme will help you improve your wealth, health and relationships because mind power can insightfully be employed in all these factors. It also helps to nourish your soul and enhance happiness and joy.


You can programme your mind for:

However, like every life skill, the training that we give ourselves should also be sharpened and made the best use of. That explains why Lifeline brings Advance Mind Mastery programme, an intensive training programme that would help you develop your mental capabilities further and have a better and deeper understanding of your mind and soul. Unless we dedicate ourselves for better learning and updating, there is a risk of forgetting what we were training for and slowly retracting to our older selves. Of course, we wanted to change, remember? Labour’s lost and chances are lost. Training makes everything perfect.

The literal meaning of mastery is the superior knowledge. Here, we are trained to master our mind and bring it into our control so that we can drive it the way we want, like an expert driver does with his vehicle. We’ll be exploring every possibility of our minds.

Every level of Advanced Mind Mastery will be an in-depth study, analysis and discussion of one of the 12 different life-changing mind skills. Its interactive sessions are embedded with solutions and are loaded with sure shot remedial healing for multiple issues. Anybody, who has attended 2-day Mind Mastery Excel or any fresher’s who will attend mind mastery excel within 3 months can enrol in this programme. The regular priming will help you hone your life skills and make your small changes bigger as you go through different workshops. The experience will help you make the final leap to your total transformation. The renovations that you bring to your belief system, attitudes and values are similar to uninstalling unwanted programmes from your mind to instil new, useful, positive ones.

The course includes:

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